Organizational and Structural Development for Effective Programming Project report 2022/2023

The IGE-SRH’s 2022-2023 project, supported by ISDAO, has been a beacon of progress and empowerment for the LBQTI community in Akwa Ibom State. This initiative successfully established a supportive and safe environment crucial for the well-being and growth of LBQTI individuals. A key achievement of the project is establishing a dedicated office space, ensuring a welcoming and secure place for community members to receive support and services.

Significantly, the project undertook influential media campaigns, educating the LBQTI community and the public about human rights and health-related issues. These campaigns have not only raised awareness but also sparked tangible actions, including the release of unlawfully detained LBQTI individuals, showcasing the real-world impact of the project’s advocacy.

The creation of the LBQTI Community of Practice platform stands out as a vital component, fostering a sense of community, solidarity, and support among LBQTI individuals. This virtual space is a testament to the project’s commitment to providing a forum for open discussions and experience sharing, contributing substantially to the mental and emotional well-being of the community.

Furthermore, the project strongly emphasized building the staff’s capabilities, equipping them with skills and knowledge crucial for effective project management, monitoring, evaluation, and advocacy. This focus on internal capacity building has bolstered the organization’s ability to deliver quality services to the LBQTI community.

As the project progresses, IGE-SRH is committed to building on these accomplishments. The strategic plan for 2023-2027 aims to continue this momentum, further advancing the mission of supporting and advocating for the rights of LBQTI individuals. The success of this project is a clear indicator of the positive change that targeted efforts and collaboration can bring about, setting a strong foundation for future initiatives.

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