Who we are

The Initiative for Gender Equality and Sexual Reproductive Health (IGE-SRH) is a sub-national, youth-led organization that has been established to improve the lives of young lesbian, bisexual, queer, transgender, and intersex (LBQTI) rightsholders in Nigeria. Our organization was founded in 2020 with a focus on promoting the rights and meaningful inclusion of LBQTI individuals who have been subjected to discrimination and exclusion due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, and sexual characteristics.

The organization was founded on the premise that the very spaces and programmes that should respond to young LBQTI individuals’ needs often do not address our needs or involve us in strategic decision-making. As such, young LBQTI individuals can play a significant role as agents of change in development if given the necessary resources. 

We are dedicated to building a thriving community for young sexual minorities in Nigeria

We strive to ensure young LBQTI individuals are engaged in meaningful decision-making processes through advocacy, knowledge generation, information sharing, partnership, and capacity building.

We envision a world where young sexual minorities are free from discrimination, persecution and equal opportunities in life.

Thematic Focus

Here is a list of the major things we focus on:

Health is a cornerstone of our work at IGE-SRH. We aim to provide comprehensive health services and education, focusing on HIV/AIDs prevention, mental wellness and health support, sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR), and STIs/STDs awareness.

Economic empowerment is crucial for the self-sufficiency and dignity of LBQTI individuals. Through skills training, job placement, and financial literacy programs, we strive to equip our community members with the tools they need to lead economically stable lives. 

At IGE-SRH, we prioritize creating environments where our community members can live, work, and express themselves freely without fear of persecution or harm. We also work on digital safety, ensuring LBQTI individuals can navigate online spaces without harassment or threats.

We engage in advocacy work to influence policy, provide legal support, and raise awareness about the human rights violations faced by LBQTI individuals.

IGE-SRH leverages technology to disseminate information, facilitate online training, and create safe spaces for LBQTI individuals. We also explore how technology can be used across our thematic areas and to monitor and evaluate the impact of our programs effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we serve?

IGE-SRH serves young LBQTI rightsholders in Nigeria through our focus areas: SRHR, Economic Empowerment, Information and Digital Technology, Human Rights and Gender Justice Advocacy, and Safety and Security.

How long have we been operating?

IGE-SRH has been in existence since 2020 and was officially registered in 2021 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Nigeria. 

Who can partner with us?

IGE-SRH believes that working in partnership is essential to strengthening our work and ensuring that we are effectively working towards a common cause. Pursuing new partnerships and maintaining existing ones is critical to the IGE-SRH continually evolving and growing as an organization. Partnerships allow us to plan for activities that are contextualized and reflect the SRHR realities on the ground. If your organization is interested in partnering with the Youth Coalition, please get in touch and email us at info@ge-srh.org

Areas of Impact

Map of Nigeria and Africa showing the areas where IGE-SRH have impacted
Map of influence