Hivos-F2BM: From Realities to Rights Project Report 2022/2023

The “Free to Be Me” initiative by IGE-SRH, running throughout 2022-2023, significantly impacted the LBQTI community in South-South Nigeria. This pivotal project focused on various key areas, including training, advocacy, capacity building, and community mobilization, all aimed at strengthening the LBQTI movement. The project’s training programs were instrumental in enhancing knowledge and skills among LBQTI individuals, thereby fostering greater participation and empowerment within the community. Through its advocacy efforts, the project successfully raised awareness about LBQTI rights and issues, contributing to a broader dialogue on inclusivity and equality.

One of the standout achievements of the “Free to Be Me” project was its capacity-building initiatives. These programs were specifically designed to equip LBQTI individuals and organizations with the necessary tools and knowledge to advocate for their rights and well-being effectively. This aspect of the project strengthened individual capabilities and bolstered the overall resilience and sustainability of the LBQTI movement in the region.

Community mobilization was another critical component of the project. By engaging LBQTI individuals and allies, the project fostered a sense of solidarity and collective action, which is vital for confronting challenges and advocating for change. This approach also helped in creating safer and more inclusive spaces for LBQTI individuals, where they can express themselves freely and access support.

Despite the significant progress made, challenges such as discrimination and inadequate legal protections for LBQTI individuals persist. The project underscored the need for continued advocacy and action to address these issues. Looking forward, IGE-SRH remains committed to expanding its programs and intensifying its advocacy efforts to advance further the rights and well-being of LBQTI individuals in South-South Nigeria.

The “Free to Be Me” project has laid a strong foundation for future initiatives, aiming to create a more inclusive and equitable society where LBQTI individuals can live with dignity and enjoy their fundamental rights. For a more detailed overview, read the full report here.

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