IGE-SRH Partnership in Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement Criteria 

Organizational Capacity:

  1. Briefly describe the mission and vision of your organization:
  2. List the key programs and initiatives your organization has undertaken in the past year, particularly those related to LBQTI advocacy:
  3. Does your organization have a dedicated advocacy officer?
  4. Does your organization have any experience with advocacy work (you can share any successful campaign or initiative)? It is okay if you don’t have any.

Advocacy Focus and Strategy:

  1. Identify the key issues and challenges facing LBQTI communities in your implementing states:
  2. Describe your organization’s approach to advocacy (e.g., community mobilization, policy engagement, public awareness campaigns):

Commitment to Collaboration:

  1. Why does your organization want to partner with IGE-SRH for advocacy collaborative efforts?
  2. Please share any other information that you think is relevant to this partnership.

Application process: Fill out the form to apply