Paul Godswill Chukwuemeka is an accountant, journalist, communication
strategist, and seasoned activist with great enthusiasm and passion. With over 6
years of experience in accounting and journalism and activism.

Paul has
contributed a lot to the struggle for the LGBTQI+ Community in Nigeria through
accountability, credibility, and as checks and balances to the management of funds
in the movement in his organization.

Paul has worked as an Administrative Officer, Finance Assistant, and now a
Finance and Governance Officer. He has also worked as an Advocacy Officer, Liaison,
and resource person to several panels. He has contributed more than 10 abstracts
both nationally and internationally to the LGBTQI+ movement in Nigeria, Africa,
and around the world.

His experience, diligence, accountability, and self-dedication are second to none.
He is passionate about his work and ensures due diligence in all aspects of his
work. Pauls’s role in the LGBTQI+ movement is commendable and worth

Paul enjoys cooking, research, sleeping, and being more of an indoor